A New Chapter for Domain Management: Squarespace’s Acquisition of Google Domains

A New Chapter for Domain Management


In a recent and significant development in the world of online domain management, Squarespace, a renowned website building and hosting platform, has announced its agreement to acquire all domain name registrations and related customer accounts from Google Domains. This strategic move has stirred curiosity among website owners, bloggers, and businesses alike. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of this acquisition and its implications for domain owners.

Smooth Transition, Unchanged Reliability

The transition from Google Domains to Squarespace is set to be a seamless process for users. If you’re a current Google Domains customer, rest assured that your domain will continue to operate and be managed by Google until the migration process begins, which is anticipated to take place over the next few months. During this transition period, Squarespace will utilize Google’s infrastructure to manage your account, ensuring consistent reliability and performance, particularly in terms of Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure.

Maintaining Privacy and Terms of Service

Throughout the transition, your data privacy and terms of service will remain intact. While your domain account will be owned by Squarespace upon the closing of the transaction, you’ll continue to manage your domains through Google Domains, abiding by Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. This continuity provides a level of familiarity and reassurance to users during the migration process.

What Lies Ahead

Squarespace’s commitment to a smooth transition is evident in its pledge to maintain the utilization of Google Cloud DNS infrastructure. This approach ensures that the DNS performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from Google will be upheld as you make your way towards Squarespace Domains.

Once the migration is complete, your data will be governed by Squarespace’s Privacy Policy, and you’ll be subject to Squarespace’s Terms of Service. For those who have a Google Workspace subscription billed by Google Domains, billing and support services will transition to Squarespace, making the shift as seamless as possible.

Empowering Domain Owners

Squarespace’s acquisition of Google Domains brings an array of benefits to domain owners. The platform’s reputation for user-friendly website building and hosting services extends to its domain management offering. The acquisition allows Squarespace to integrate domain management seamlessly into its existing suite of tools, providing users with a holistic website-building experience.


As Squarespace prepares to take the reins of domain management from Google Domains, the future looks promising for website owners seeking a comprehensive and intuitive solution. The transition promises to be a smooth one, with reliability and performance at the forefront. Squarespace’s commitment to a seamless experience, coupled with its track record of excellence in website services, paints an exciting picture for the future of domain management.

If you’re a current user of Google Domains, keep an eye out for notifications about the migration process. The journey towards Squarespace Domains is set to empower you with an enhanced domain management experience that aligns seamlessly with your broader website-building goals.

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